Managers’ dilemma

This managers‘ dilemma came to my mind today. It reminded me of the philosophy of a certain manager who wasn’t willing to invest in his people’s education, reasoning that they would become too skillful and would in all likelihood leave the company and find another job.

My opinion on this dilemma is clear. Definitely invest in people.

It boils down to what kind of people we want in our teams…  We need productive and satisfied team members.

I provide my team with the sort of development that plays to their strengths and allow them to excel at their roles. If in addition they develop and achieve their personal goals too, they become even more satisfied and more productive. And the more productive they are, the more productive my company is.

I understand the concerns of those managers who fear that people will leave the company. But if I don’t train my team, their skills won’t improve and I have a very real problem on my hands – they will not have the skills to perform at their peak.

Of course, team members leave for a variety of reasons, whether I develop them or not. But the question is, how productive that member is during the time he is part of my team. If he brings more skills to the table,  it is worth it – even if he stays for only a short time.

I think a really good manager develops his people and wants them to be better than he is. He teaches them, trains them, coaches them. Because we develop only as our people develop, they help us grow.

It is important that we know what our people’s professional and personal goals are, and that we help them achieve them. When people grow, they achieve better results. My team will be more successful. My people will grow professionally and fulfill their personal goals. They will be more satisfied.

When they are successful and satisfied, they like their work. And this can be seen in the quality of work they produce – not only through their results – but you can feel that they take pleasure in their work. And clients feel it too.

However, for me what’s important is that I create an environment in which people want to stay. They stay because of the company environment, relationships and the fact that they are satisfied.



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